Signs Your Compressor is Breaking Down

The weather and temperatures throughout the day have become unpredictable and erratic that one moment, it’s going to be a warm sunny day but the next minute, you have gray clouds above your head. Unpredictable weathers and temperatures are two of the reasons why people resort to using air conditioning systems that will regulate and adjust the temperature in their homes, according to their personal preferences. One major and important air conditioning component is called the compressor. A compressor transforms refrigerant chemicals in a liquid form to a gas form, and then back in a cyclic manner thus, producing the cold air. A compressor does not have to be completely damaged to affect an air conditioner’s performance. Here are some of the early warning signals of problems that are easier to notice that you need to call a Singapore Aircon Repair service.

A ticking or chattering noise

An air conditioner with noisy sounds is a signal that there is a trouble in paradise for your compressor. Before a compressor fails, it will begin to hard start in order to be powered on. When turning on the air conditioner then a ticking and a chattering noise follows, something must be wrong with the relay switch.

A rattling, rumbling, or clicking noise

In connection with the previous sign for a breaking down compressor, clicking sounds when an air conditioner is turned on indicates that the mounts for compressor motor are failing and the component that is distributing the cool air inside the compressor has become loose and is starting to thrash around the area sealed to serve as its home.

Puddles of moisture

The presence of puddles of moisture in any part of the air conditioning system indicates that the refrigerant is starting to leak outside of the AC compressor, bringing about potential risks on a livings’ health. Symptoms such as headache, eyes that are irritated, cough, nausea, and more. Moreover, if this situation continues, your air conditioner will just stop working because it will be running dry on chemical needed to produce cold air and might need an aircon chemical wash.

Reduction of Airflow

This signal is one of the first but also one of the hardest to notice. When there is a reduction of airflow from the vents of the air conditioner, then there is also a weakening in the compressor. Cool air is produced from a compressor which would mean that a failing compressor is not capable of producing as much cool air as it originally does. In effect, reduced air will be felt.

Air has become warmer

Not all compressors are going to breakdown just by reducing airflow. Other compressors will have afflictions that causes them to still continue generating and distributing the air. However, the air produced is not going to be cold. With failing compressors in this situation, warm air will start to be generated by the compressor arising from low level of refrigerant.

When you have already noticed even just one signal from the mentioned signals of a breaking down compressor, it is best to call a professional, skilled, and reputable AC repair service provider in order to find a way of fixing a slightly problematic compressor before this component’s total system failure prevails.

The Importance Of Finding The Best Air Con Company In Singapore

Most of the household in a tropical city like Singapore uses air conditioning device to get them comfortable and cool environment. Well, having an air conditioning at home is really beneficial to people with vulnerable conditions. Though we could not contest the benefits of the air conditioning to our homes, keeping an air conditioning can be costly. Not only does it need an electric power supply, but must also set aside a budget for its maintenance and repair. But the bottom line is, even though it cost a lot to maintain an air conditioning in home and business, we still have it so the good thing we can do is just to find the best air conditioning in Singapore.

There are many air conditioning companies in Singapore, but sieving for the best give some benefits. We have tailored down the importance when you will able to get the best air conditioning company in Singapore such as


  1. Service Satisfaction and Less Disappointment

For the air conditioning company in Singapore who strive to keep number 1 on their services, the satisfaction of the customers is the top of their priority that is why they are just the sought after in the city. With them, it is possible that you get a solution that suitable for your needs in air conditioning services and enables to provide you the coolness and comfort that you need in humid days.


  1. Saves Your Resources

Since we know that having air conditioning consumes time, money and other resources, it is best that we find the best air conditioning company to do our airconditioning system. If not, we are prone to spend more if the service they provide will only last for a month or tend to buy new airconditioning component parts which should have been preventing from damaging during that time you reached out to the air conditioning company for the help.


  1. Peace of Mind

Though it is tedious to find the best air conditioning company in Singapore, your effort in researching and sorting out for the company that gives best services pays well. It will bring peace of mind to you that there isn’t single damage in the system that had been left unattended by the technician that any sooner will pronounce complained too since once you call for the service of the best company, they will diagnose it and give you an informative details that need special repair or attention in the system. They will also look out for the part that can potentially damage anytime soon and prevents it from happening.


  1. Preserve the Value of Your Investment

The air conditioning device is no joke an expensive investment for homes and because it is not that easy to buy new again, we need to properly take care of our air conditioning so that its service will be worthy and long-lasting and because we know that the little care for our investment is a sure way to shorten its life. The best air conditioning company understands how much you value your investment they too will take care of it and bring it to the best health so that it can still be with your family for a longer time.


  1. Provide Timely Solution

The best air conditioning company in Singapore that had been in so many years of service had already gone through different circumstances and can best recommend what is good for your airconditioning. The knowledge and skills that they have acquired and honed are added security that you will get the best outcome in the repair and maintenance services. Find out review here.









The Variations Of Locksmiths In Singapore

The services that locksmiths offer to every home plays a very crucial role in lessening the percentage of thefts in the community. They are most needed in the different problems you may have with keys and locks. In instances that you forgot where you’d placed your key, a call for locksmith services can save you from the situation.

The terrifying moment when you locked the key inside your car, you feel helpless. But thanks for the locksmith services that can get you out of this trouble. However, there is a various specialist in that fields in which they are trained and gained precious experiences that can serve you better. In Singapore, the specification of skill in work means that you are more proficient in that service and thus, it is trusted that you can solve the problem of the client.

To give us an overview that specification skills also apply in the locksmith, here are the variations of locksmith in Singapore.

1. The Automobile Locksmith

The locksmiths for automobiles is licensed and specialized in deploying modern services like laser keys, lock repair and rekey, computer chip key, lockout and unlock key and others. So, if you are a car owner, an automobile locksmith can disable the lock of your car and produce a key for your car.

2. The Commercial Locksmith

The use of safes and vaults in business is famous to keep valuable items such as cash and jewelry but sometimes unfortunate circumstances happen, and the replacement of the key is needed, or the combination of the locks need to be reset. Times like this a commercial locksmith with their high-grade locks and tools can help you out. They can install locks to help you secure your establishment again and deter thefts. Their job does not only fixated on locks because the commercial locksmith can work with the structural plan of the building to put the security system you need.

3. The Residential Locksmith

Residential locksmith, on the other hand, has the similar job with the commercial locksmith but they are on less complicated work and smaller scale. Usually, key duplication Singapore are rampant to have shops in the neighborhood of Singapore and works in securing locks for homes, repair and also for unlocking the residences. Depending on your budget and the level of security needed in your home, a residential locksmith can give you some suggestions on what type of lock are available for you to use in your residence.

In any of the three various specializations of locksmith in Singapore, the round the clock service is highly appreciated in times of emergency. Sometimes, this can happen even in the wee hours of the day. Thus, it is very significant that every homeowners, car owners or business owners must have a ready number to call when this emergency happens. But most of all, you must also know what type of locksmith you should call.

5 Ways that cause Air Con Break Down

An air conditioner is a common commodity especially for places that are always humid or hot. Most of the air con units today last for years. However, it does not mean that an air con’s functionality is everlasting (around 10 or so years) if daily handling is not proper. What are some ways that can destroy your air con? Read the list and find out what-not-to-do with your cooling system:

Ignoring dirty filters

Many air conditioning manufacturers and services testify that dirt accumulation in the filters can seriously destroy your unit. The number one reason for a well-performing air con to stop suddenly is dirty filters. These parts screen dust particles from the outside so that your unit will only release clean air in your room. So, making sure to clean the filters will allow your unit to function for a long time.

Disregarding annual maintenance

Just like an automobile tune-up, your unit also needs to be checked by a technician yearly. This way the technician can examine the parts of the air con that accumulated dirt, clean the condensers, and repair leaks among others. Rather than wait for an expensive repair on a simple damage, an annual service will save you more money over time.

Covering the bulky insulation

Electronics have their insulation system to keep them from overheating. For an air con, this is the bulky part that faces the outside. It may look displeasing, but it is the part where the heat comes out from the air condition. Covering it with a decorative, box or blanket will prevent the release of heat. It is advisable to keep the outer part of an air con free so that, air flow within and out will be continuous.

Using the air conditioner for hours on end

Whatever electrically-operated appliance you have, over-usage will damage it in the long run. Yes, it is hot all day, but it doesn’t mean your air conditioner needs to work throughout. Unless you want to spend grandly for a broken air con, resting it for certain hours of the day will save it as well as your pockets. Turn off your air conditioner gradually when the room temperature has become too cold. Switch it to fan mode if you still want to feel a breeze or just some wind in your room. Allow your unit to rest for some hours every day so, you can enjoy it for many more years.

Changing the thermostat all the time

Frequently changing the temperature of your air conditioner will damage the thermostat. Because the air conditioner is an appliance that deals with temperature, a change in the Celsius will make the entire system change its course. Thus, doing it many times will exhaust your air conditioner. Allow it to operate at a temperature for at least thirty minutes to one hour before changing it to another level.

Turning off the air con abruptly

An air conditioner needs time to build up the temperature as well as to lower it down. It is better if you change the thermostat to off-mode fifteen minutes at a time. If you are in a hurry to go out, you can switch to lower cool mode while you are in the shower. While changing clothes, change it to fan mode. Before leaving the house, switch off your air con. This way, your air con had ample time to adjust.

Air conditioners have become a vital part of one’s home. It is designed to be a sturdy appliance that will give you a cool temperature for hours. However, improper use will always lead to bigger and more expensive problems. The more you are careful with your air conditioner, the more it will function steadily.


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