5 Ways that cause Air Con Break Down

An air conditioner is a common commodity especially for places that are always humid or hot. Most of the air con units today last for years. However, it does not mean that an air con’s functionality is everlasting (around 10 or so years) if daily handling is not proper. What are some ways that can destroy your air con? Read the list and find out what-not-to-do with your cooling system:

Ignoring dirty filters

Many air conditioning manufacturers and services testify that dirt accumulation in the filters can seriously destroy your unit. The number one reason for a well-performing air con to stop suddenly is dirty filters. These parts screen dust particles from the outside so that your unit will only release clean air in your room. So, making sure to clean the filters will allow your unit to function for a long time.

Disregarding annual maintenance

Just like an automobile tune-up, your unit also needs to be checked by a technician yearly. This way the technician can examine the parts of the air con that accumulated dirt, clean the condensers, and repair leaks among others. Rather than wait for an expensive repair on a simple damage, an annual service will save you more money over time.

Covering the bulky insulation

Electronics have their insulation system to keep them from overheating. For an air con, this is the bulky part that faces the outside. It may look displeasing, but it is the part where the heat comes out from the air condition. Covering it with a decorative, box or blanket will prevent the release of heat. It is advisable to keep the outer part of an air con free so that, air flow within and out will be continuous.

Using the air conditioner for hours on end

Whatever electrically-operated appliance you have, over-usage will damage it in the long run. Yes, it is hot all day, but it doesn’t mean your air conditioner needs to work throughout. Unless you want to spend grandly for a broken air con, resting it for certain hours of the day will save it as well as your pockets. Turn off your air conditioner gradually when the room temperature has become too cold. Switch it to fan mode if you still want to feel a breeze or just some wind in your room. Allow your unit to rest for some hours every day so, you can enjoy it for many more years.

Changing the thermostat all the time

Frequently changing the temperature of your air conditioner will damage the thermostat. Because the air conditioner is an appliance that deals with temperature, a change in the Celsius will make the entire system change its course. Thus, doing it many times will exhaust your air conditioner. Allow it to operate at a temperature for at least thirty minutes to one hour before changing it to another level.

Turning off the air con abruptly

An air conditioner needs time to build up the temperature as well as to lower it down. It is better if you change the thermostat to off-mode fifteen minutes at a time. If you are in a hurry to go out, you can switch to lower cool mode while you are in the shower. While changing clothes, change it to fan mode. Before leaving the house, switch off your air con. This way, your air con had ample time to adjust.

Air conditioners have become a vital part of one’s home. It is designed to be a sturdy appliance that will give you a cool temperature for hours. However, improper use will always lead to bigger and more expensive problems. The more you are careful with your air conditioner, the more it will function steadily.

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