Signs Your Compressor is Breaking Down

The weather and temperatures throughout the day have become unpredictable and erratic that one moment, it’s going to be a warm sunny day but the next minute, you have gray clouds above your head. Unpredictable weathers and temperatures are two of the reasons why people resort to using air conditioning systems that will regulate and adjust the temperature in their homes, according to their personal preferences. One major and important air conditioning component is called the compressor. A compressor transforms refrigerant chemicals in a liquid form to a gas form, and then back in a cyclic manner thus, producing the cold air. A compressor does not have to be completely damaged to affect an air conditioner’s performance. Here are some of the early warning signals of problems that are easier to notice that you need to call a Singapore Aircon Repair service.

A ticking or chattering noise

An air conditioner with noisy sounds is a signal that there is a trouble in paradise for your compressor. Before a compressor fails, it will begin to hard start in order to be powered on. When turning on the air conditioner then a ticking and a chattering noise follows, something must be wrong with the relay switch.

A rattling, rumbling, or clicking noise

In connection with the previous sign for a breaking down compressor, clicking sounds when an air conditioner is turned on indicates that the mounts for compressor motor are failing and the component that is distributing the cool air inside the compressor has become loose and is starting to thrash around the area sealed to serve as its home.

Puddles of moisture

The presence of puddles of moisture in any part of the air conditioning system indicates that the refrigerant is starting to leak outside of the AC compressor, bringing about potential risks on a livings’ health. Symptoms such as headache, eyes that are irritated, cough, nausea, and more. Moreover, if this situation continues, your air conditioner will just stop working because it will be running dry on chemical needed to produce cold air and might need an aircon chemical wash.

Reduction of Airflow

This signal is one of the first but also one of the hardest to notice. When there is a reduction of airflow from the vents of the air conditioner, then there is also a weakening in the compressor. Cool air is produced from a compressor which would mean that a failing compressor is not capable of producing as much cool air as it originally does. In effect, reduced air will be felt.

Air has become warmer

Not all compressors are going to breakdown just by reducing airflow. Other compressors will have afflictions that causes them to still continue generating and distributing the air. However, the air produced is not going to be cold. With failing compressors in this situation, warm air will start to be generated by the compressor arising from low level of refrigerant.

When you have already noticed even just one signal from the mentioned signals of a breaking down compressor, it is best to call a professional, skilled, and reputable AC repair service provider in order to find a way of fixing a slightly problematic compressor before this component’s total system failure prevails.

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